Bicep Blaster: What is it? 7 Reasons You Should Build Bi’s With A Bicep Blaster.

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Old School Methods

old school bicep blaster

The Bicep Blaster is an old school tool used by arguably one of the most iconic bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he understood the effectiveness it had in building contest winning arms. The bicep blaster became an essential training tool that he used to Win over 7 Olympia Titles. More recently it has made a resurgence in popularity as the past photos of Arnold in action have gone viral. Modern bodybuilders are taking a note out of the legendary lifter’s notebook and have been incorporating the bicep blaster in their training routines.

You may be asking yourself: What is a bicep blaster, is it that hunk of metal on his torso?

The Bicep Blaster (AKA Arm Blaster)

The bicep blaster is a metal plate attached to a harness. The harness slides over your neck allowing the back of your arms to rest on the grooves in the metal plate.

This training tool is bicep dominant and is paired with dumbbells, barbells, and cables.

bicep blaster bar

What is the point of using the bicep blaster?


Here are 7 Reasons For Using a Bicep Blaster

Just below we have provided a list of bicep blasting benefits!

1. Proper Form

The bicep blaster forces you to have proper form. Locking your arms and keeping your elbows tucked in takes away from lower body momentum adding constant tension on biceps throughout the entirety of the movement. This tool allows you to focus on the movement as opposed to the weight, concentrating on full ROM and contractions.

2. Increased Time Under Tension (TUTs)

TUT is a huge part of sculpting your peak physique. Muscles are working their hardest when they are under the tension of the weight. The best way for you to grow those sleeve popping arms is to have them under constant tension during arm training. This arm blasting tool pinpoints your biceps, allowing for maximum tension during the full ROM.

3. No EGO Lifting

We are all subject to this. The top offenders for Ego Lifting are benchpress and curls, throwing up unnecessary weight and sacrificing form to impress others. The Bicep Blaster makes you “check yourself before your reck yourself!”; forcing all the tension and weight on the biceps makes it extremely difficult to lift the same kind of weight when performing standard curls. The benefit of this is maximum bicep gains!

Bradley Martyn Explaining Ego Lifting

4. No Cheating

Even with preacher curls or reverse spider curls we can cheat by getting up off the seat or changing position to gain some added momentum. Isolating your biceps makes you push through every rep with arms only!

5. Insane Bicep Pump

After using this tool you will never look at dumbbell curls the same! The tension you feel with each rep is just too good. You will see your veins popping and you’ll have swole arms after just the first set!

6. It Works!

Im sure you have seen all the modern bodybuilders coming out with their version of the bicep/arm blaster. Bodybuilders such as Simeon Panda & Bradley Martyn have their own line, aesthetics champion Jeff Seid has even been seen pumping the biceps with this essential tool. What more do you need other than legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses it?

7. Inexpensive

The best part about this essential tool is that its inexpensive! If the price was based off effectiveness then we would have a different story, but since its made of simple materials the cost for your average bicep blaster is around $40.


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Have Small Bicep Syndrome?

So many times I see athletes chasing contest winning biceps in a brute force fashion. Their ego lifting leads to a sacrifice in form and thus a sacrifice in gains! The athletes that are calculated with every movement are the one’s that see the most progress. These types of lifters focus on control, pauses, and time-under-tension. They sculpt their body through quality reps that keep the muscles under as much tension as possible during each set.

One of the best ways to grow a fully developed bicep is by incorporating the bicep blaster, reverse spider curls, or preacher curls. All of these movements focus on isolation of the biceps but the most effective of the 3 is the bicep blaster.

The bicep blaster forces you to have excellent form all you have to do is focus on reps and pauses. The combination of these three techniques in every lift will ensure maximum gains. Your TUT’s will sky rocket forcing your muscles to be shocked into growth! Thus curing you of Small Bicep Syndrome.


Bicep Blaster Workouts

bicep blaster workout

Bicep Blaster Day 1:

Alternating Dumbbell Curls 5×10

EZ Barbell Curls (Alternating between Close & Wide Grip) 8,4,10,5

Zottoman Curls 4×10


Bicep Blaster Day 2:

Dumbell Hammer Curls 5×15

Barbell Curls 4×8

Single Arm Cable Curls 4×20



Suggested items:


If you want to maximize your arm gains, then you have to get yourself a bicep blaster. After your first use you will never look at curls the same! The benefits of the bicep blaster will have your biceps shocked into growth! Inexpensive and efficient the bicep blaster is an essential tool you need in your training arsenal!

This could be the 4th essential tool every expert lifter needs.

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