Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench 2.0 Review

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Critical Bench Program 2.0


Author: Mike Westerdal

Recommended For: Beginner – Advanced

Format: E-Book (Electronic Downloadable Book)

Price: $47 with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bonus Material: The Critical Deload Routine, Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors,

Critical Exercise Guide, In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports

Rating: 5/5


What do You Bench?

Athletes, especially power lifters and body builders pride themselves on how much they can bench. Like a right of passage, you are not noticed by many athletes until you push serious weight on the bench. In Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench Program 2.0 he aims to take the sting out of this question by increasing your one rep max by 50lbs in just 10 weeks.

However, is this really possible? Can Mike follow through on his claims? 

The answer is YES! Mike’s program involves an accelerated training regimen that steadily increases weight on your bench from week to week. His program is full of all the tips, tricks and nuances needed to add more weight consecutively to your bench. Mike benches 450 lbs so obviously he knows a thing or two when it comes to benching. However, due to the intensity of this program one cannot simply rinse and repeat to continually increase your bench. After the 10 weeks your body needs to recover from all the stress it has been under. Mike ensures that you will recover properly by giving you his Deload Routine. This gives your body ample time to recover before going through another Critical Bench Program 2.0 go around.

Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 Review

Who is Mike Westerdal?

As a young child Mike had severe asthma that caused him to be hospitalized frequently. Throughout his adolescence he was small and frail. The last thing on his mind was working out. Senior year of high school he was barely able to bench 100 lbs. However, it was at this moment in his life that he started to research how to improve his bench press. Between high school and college Mike had done extensive research to improve his bench press. In this time Mike was able to pack on 75 lbs of muscle mass!

As apart of the college football team he was required to attend mandatory workout sessions. However, Mike and a handful of teammates felt that these workout sessions were not improving their bodies. So they faked their way through the training sessions and headed over to the local gym where the real workouts happened. Their training consisted of short interval heavy load lifting.

It was with this style of training that the renegade lifting group set new team records across the board for bench press. Mike at this time was bench pressing 400lbs! He went on to play professional football. Mike’s teachings allowed for this group to drastically increase in muscle strength and size. Mike has done the liberty of professionally documenting all the key components needed into his Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 in order to show you how to attain the same results.

What’s Included in the Critical Bench Press Program 2.0?


    • Learn the only way to train so that you avoid over training. Your muscles need time to rest and recover. They grow between workouts not during workouts. Over training is the #1 mistake made by lifters of all levels and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen.
    • Why stretching and warming up is so important if you want a BIG bench press. Lifting heavy weights can take its toll on the body, but with our warm-up routine you’ll keep your shoulders healthy and avoid the aches & pains that stop many dead in their tracks.
    • Discover the single biggest secret to training for strength and size. Remember, muscle gains are directly related to strength gains. As you get stronger your muscles will get bigger.
    • Why adding variation to your training will help you gain more muscle. When you do the same workout over and over again, your body gets used to it and stops responding. I’ll show you the easiest way to keep your body guessing. (Pgs 22-24)
    • Learn the single biggest mistake lifters make when trying to increase their bench press. This might be a great training method, but it’s NOT when you’re trying to up your max. If you do this, your bench will go nowhere fast!
    • Learn how to get in the right mindset for a big day at the gym. The bench press is a very mental lift. I’ll teach you how to be mentally tough and how you can visualize your success, so that you’re able to have an intense, perfect lift, every single time you bench.
    • Find out why your technique is so important. If you adjust your form like I show you, you’ll see a significant increase in the amount of weight you lift, without changing anything else. (Pg 16)
    • Discover exactly how long to rest between sets when you’re training for power and strength.
    • Learn why you can’t believe supplement ads. Did you know that almost every major bodybuilding magazine is owned by a supplement manufacturer? This makes it almost impossible to find reliable information about what really works and what gives you the most bang for your buck.
    • Supplements aren’t necessary to succeed on this program, but if you want some cutting edge suggestions I’ll show you the proven recommendations for you based on real life experience as well as scientific research.
    • Why your lifestyle habits will affect your training. We’re not going to put you on a strict diet, but if you think poor nutrition, partying, and sleep deprivation won’t affect your performance in the gym you’re greatly mistaken.
    • Why it’s so critical to have an exact goal and to track your progress.
    • How a lifting buddy can assist you perform classic training methods like half reps, negatives, & speed work.
    • Learn how to use proper “assistance exercises” to propel your bench press strength through the roof. (Pgs 39-41)
    • Why spending more than an hour in the gym per day is counter-productive.
    • How to control your movement on the bench so you get more explosive power and energy.
    • How to eliminate problems that come up for some people when bench pressing. Some people either hold the bar wrong, use their feet wrong, or use the wrong form. I’m going to show you how to eliminate ALL mistakes, so you greatly increase the weight you lift!
    • The simple little tip you can use to add a quick 10 pounds to your bench press the very first time you use it!
    • The correct way to use your hands and legs when you’re bench pressing. The wrong use of both of these will greatly reduce the amount of weight you lift, and the amount of muscle you gain!
    • A simple little tweak you can make on your bench that helps you prevent injuries from happening. (Pgs 67)
    • The simple exercises you can use that will actually help you increase your bench press in a lot less time. The secret to increasing your bench is not from focusing on the bench press exercise itself, it’s something completely different!
    • Is a slow, methodical up-and-down movement on the bench press better than an explosive push up? I’ll show you which one is more effective.
    • Leverage secrets that can multiply the effectiveness of your bench. (Pg 71)
    • How to immediately pump more strength and raw power into your bench press, so you’re able to lift more weight without doing anything else.
    • Why the bench press can shock your muscles into growing faster and easier than anything else you do.
    • And much, much more!



There are thousands of trainers that have acquired this product and their results are exactly as Mike Describes. Some of the trainees even exceeded expectations!

Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 Review Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 Review


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 by Mike Westerdal is the most viable option for beginners and professionals looking to increase their bench press. Mike’s claims to increase your bench by 50 lbs in just 10 weeks may seem to good to be true. However, his methods have been proven time and time again to work. His ability to lay out a clear and concise plan is unmatched by any other ebook on the market. In addition, only making it available on his website prevents scammers and fraudulent individuals for charging more than what its worth. Mike Westerdal furthers his contribution to the fitness community by giving away a plethora of quality information when you purchase his ebook. These free add-ons assist you in the recovery process, as well as bettering your overall training.

Throughout the fitness community you will see all the positive feedback that this ebook has been receiving. Most individuals praise Mike for his ability to increase their bench press so rapidly. But Mike does not simply stop there. His Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 is geared for strength and muscle growth. He constantly says that “your body must grow in order to handle the weight it is put under”. Included with his ebook is a small diet section with sample meals to ensure that you are giving your body the quality nutrients it needs to grow. The Critical Bench Press Program 2.0 enables you to reach your theoretical current max. Then gives you a proven method to increase it by 50 lbs in just 10 weeks. What more could you ask for out of a training program?

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