Top Reasons You Should Own Lifting Shoes

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Whether you’re a power lifter, body builder, runner or any type of athlete there is a specific shoe for you. Every sport has a shoe dedicated to it and it’s time you got the proper shoe for your training regimen. ⠀

Heavy Lifting:

When I first heard of lifting shoes I thought nothing of them. “How can shoes benefit you at all in the gym?” I mean i understand I am not gonna where dress shoes while I am squatting but basic running shoes should be ok right? Well it wasn’t until I did some research that I discovered that Lifting Shoes are not just an accessory but are actually a vital tool.

Lifting Shoes allow you to engage more muscle fibers when performing compound lifts. As well as provide much needed support. The hard flat sole that are the characteristics of a good lifting shoe, direct all the weight/force through your heels. Which is exactly where you want it for compound lifts such as Squats or Deadlifts. This direct pathway for the force your body is exerting leads to heavier and more supported lifts.

The problem with performing these compound lifts in running shoes is that the soft sole provides the improper support. Running shoes were designed to reduce the impact you take with each step. Now this is great for running but for lifting you want to recruit as much force as you can for each lift.

Here are some examples of cheap shoes that are perfect for those heavy compound lifts.

Ex: Converse All-Stars, Adidas adiPower, Nike Romaleos

converse all star weightlifting shoe

I use Converse All-Stars because I love the classics.



When it comes to running or any type of cardio based training the use of a high cushion sole to reduce impact on joints is essential. As the body is constantly impacting on the ground for long periods of time the joints become beaten up (typically the cause of shin splints). Wearing a shoe designed for low impact on joints is fantastic to have. It gives the body the support it needs to get through such an intensive training.

Here are some examples.

Ex: Nike Air Max, Puma Tazon 5, Asics GEL⠀

top running shoes 2017
Every sport has a shoe designed for the athlete. Give your body the support it needs and slip into something that is centered around your training.

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